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"If I had a dance school, I'd have you teach dance. You move so well and it would inspire others to do so, too."

- James Pasternak, Film Director

"Jennifer inspires the world by providing a space for individuals to express themselves artistically. Intrepid honors the beauty of every human by celebrating the inherent impulse, of hearing the body say what the heart feels when there is music, best known as Dance. " -Jennifer Valvodinos, Educator and Intrepid Dancer

"I love that you use your art to make people happy and find something lovely about themselves. Your belief in me, the other dancers, and the audience is deep and heartfelt. I can't wait to be dancing again!" Chantal- Intrepid Dancer

"I used to see the fun of the group on facebook, and how Jennifer and Doug (my friends) have such fun. Jennifer is super amazing because she inspires me to just dance, even though I do not have great skills. I went the first time on March 26, and it was the best fun i had in a super long time, and i owe to the skills of intrepid (the super fun) dance project. i will go again and again...thanks intrepid..." Jackie D. intrepid Dancer

"I was so impressed with Jennifer's freestyle dance and movement I even suggested she teach a class. I''m excited to hear about this project!" -Davis Taylor Rahal, Choreographer

"My admiration for Jennifer goes way beyond her tremendous talent as an actor. Out of her own experience as an artist and woman she has created a space where the marvelous diversity and beauty of the human form can be celebrated." - Susan Greenhill

"Jennifer has always been an enthusiastic collaborator, a great friend, fun on stage, a joy for the audience, and inspiring to everyone who sees her work. Her love for dance is exciting and contagious! I know she will shine and rise to any challenge. Improv Dance Company loves Jen and we look forward to seeing her grow as an artistic director of her own dance company!" -Davis Neves, Improv Dance Co., Artistic Director

"Jennifer is a live-wire of creativity, risk-taking, humor, passion and compassion. Her ability to tumble barriers through a deeply collaborative and generous artistic spirit is an inspiration to many -- including me. I know her dedication to whatever endeavor she pursues will lead to magic. I can't wait to see her shine." -Claudio Raygoza, Founder/Artistic Director, ion theatre company

"Jennifer Jonassen has been working with our party, Bootie Mashup, the world’s biggest all mashup club night, for more than 6 years now, as a member of R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance). As one of our main stage dancers with RAID, Jennifer epitomizes the Bootie Mashup ethos and values that our music stands for (which is the mashup style: bringing all types of cultures, people, music and styles together as one united entity) which she does in real life, on stage, and in dancer form. She isn’t your typical perfect-bodied young Hollywood club dancer, but instead brings a real person that shines even more with charisma and personal confidence in owning who you are - and showing off that spark and creativity to an audience of hundreds of people every week at our hip Echo Park venue. Her performances with props, energy and great outfits remind our audience that life is about fun, loving - and celebrating - who you are, no matter what size, style, age or background you come from. Jennifer disproves stereotypes and is and inspiration to many, and we are lucky to have her on our team! "- Deidre Roberts

I had the honor of working with Jennifer Jonassen when she performed (as a goddess, of course!) in the 2001 Judith Shakespeare Company production of The Tempest which I directed in NYC, in addition to other productions with the company.

She is simply one of the most physically free and joyful performers that I've had the privilege of working with over the past 20 years or so. She's imaginative, intelligent, inventive, an immense pleasure to collaborate with, and an inspiration to all who know her or share her work. She's generous in sharing her talents, as well as focused and clear in her goals.

The work she's doing with Intrepid Dance Project is unprecedented and so necessary in the world we live in. She's making change one individual at a time. This is true activism and dynamic art-making. There can be no greater mission than helping people to understand their own individual worth and to value their own self-image - no matter their body type - while giving them opportunities to freely express their creative impulses through performance and dance. This is unique and important work.

Brava, Jennifer!

-Joanne Zipay, Founder, Judith Shakespeare Company NYC

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